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Delgado's Bakery, i’ve written a lot of twilight fanfiction but the...
Delgado's Bakery
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August 10 2014, 03:34 PM

3 notes  Filed Under:  what if bella works in a coffeeshop and rose is slightly famous  she comes into the coffee shop one day (we'll call it la tua cantante lol) with her brother jasper  tragically bella thinks that the two of them are together  and she's really sad  but rose comes back alone (probably wearing giant sunglasses because she's like... a d-lister with loyal friends  who look for her everywhere) (oops i meant fans not friends)  and she's like ''hey you're the girl from before''  and bella blushes because omg the pretty girl remembered her  ''yes i own this place with my brother''  (oh side note emmett is her bro in this story because it's my fave twilight trope tbh)  and rose is like ''that's so cool but why do you work out front''  and bella explains that they're a new business and haven't really earned enough to hire anyone  so she and Emmett both work all day (they rotate between working in the front and in the back because they are both good bakers)  and Rose is like ''that's so cool'' and ''what do you recommend''  so rose keeps coming back and eventually she comes at a time when emmett is out front and emmett is like  ''bella you didn't tell me about this ANGEL''  and bella is like ''i'm p sure she has a boyfriend'' and he's like ''SO'' and she's like ''I SAW HER FIRST''  I don't know if it gets angsty after that because emmett and rose temporarily date but she really wants to date bella  or if we could skip that and have rose be like ''soooooo go out with me'' and bella being like ''your boyfriend??'' and rose being like ''i'  m super you must mean my brother'' and bella being like O.O and then they date  YOUR CHOICE  rosabella  twilight  (bi bella and lesbian rosalie ftw)  

i’ve written a lot of twilight fanfiction but the closest i ever came to a coffeeshop au was really more of a serial killer au and i feel like i’ve failed the twilight fandom

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